Have you seen movies that showcase advanced technology for gadgets like computers and smartphones? Are you excited about what kind of smartphones are waiting for humans in the future? Smartphones are rapidly becoming a part of everyone’s daily life. People use it to communicate, socialize, remember tasks, watch movies, listen to music, etc. The more advanced smartphones get, the more people depend on them for everyday life.

Futurologists predict that shortly, smartphones will become remote controls for people’s lives. Humans will rely on it more and more because of its efficiency. The growth of the smartphone industry is unstoppable as well as the studies that are made to provide people with more high-tech devices.

Holographic Displays

If you’ve watched movies like the Ironman before, you’ll be very jealous of the main character’s advanced gadgets such as the holographic display that you’ll notice in the story. The thought of swiping in thin air is so exciting that people are asking when experts and companies will come up with such devices.

Rumors spread way back in 2014 that the new iPhone 6 will feature holographic display. However, such feature still hasn’t happened even with the new iPhone 7. Hold your breath though, because experts from Queen’s University in Canada just made a prototype that can show us a sneak peek of the future smartphone technology.

The HoloFlex is a flexible smartphone which you can bend according to the shape that suits your needs. This flexible gadget also has a holographic functionality that’ll make you wish you can time travel to the future now. The research and development for the HoloFlex are still ongoing, but experts don’t see it coming to the market anytime soon.

For Learning

Adults are not the only ones who are engrossed to the magic of smartphones. Kids are also beginning to utilize smartphones earlier than usual. If you had your first cellphone at 15, kids today are now having their gadgets at 5. This phenomenon may give way to the use of smartphones as educational tools. In the future, expect kids to be learning through their smartphones by taking notes and more through their devices.


The disposal of smartphones is a big problem to the environment. Because electronic devices are not made up of recyclable materials, the waste can damage the environment. However, smartphone companies along with other producers are now looking for ways to make products that are eco-friendly to reduce the harmful waste materials caused by their devices.

There are now concepts being released by various companies that’ll make charging possible through solar power. Other models are even using kinetic energy to recharge the battery. Having such features will make it more convenient for people who always drain their batteries when they are far from home.

As smartphones are becoming a part of our lives, everyone is expecting these gadgets to be more advanced soon. People are using smartphones for their everyday tasks and owning a more capable device will make things easier and life faster for the user. While there are no holographic or eco-friendly features on smartphones today, we are sure that soon enough, these functions will make their way to us but for now, we just have to enjoy the specifications that present smartphones can offer.