Everywhere you look today; you’ll see people swiping on their smartphones and doing their tasks through the handheld device without any hassle. Aside from the efficiency and modernity that smartphones brought into the world, it also gave way to a lot of smartphone makers competing to provide people with the most advanced mobile technology.

The top performers of the year are Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. These three brands are known for their high-quality smartphones. Although Apple offers more expensive products that people see as luxurious, the smartphone giant Samsung managed to reclaim the throne for the year 2017. Huawei on the other hand still amazed everyone with the increase of their shares in the market.

Having Samsung and Huawei in the top three just means that high quality at a reasonable price attracts consumers more. Experts say that Samsung reached a total of 26.1 percent share in the market for 2017’s first quarter, 16.9 for Apple, and 9.8 percent for Huawei. These brands were able to sell premium looking phones that are equipped with excellent features. However, according to a research firm, people will be more inclined to buy more affordable smartphones with premium design, which is a good thing for both Samsung and Huawei.

The success of Samsung in the smartphone industry was made possible by the company’s J series. The line up for this series are priced cheaper than the other models but boasts of beastly features that consumers loved. However, the high-end phones produced by the leading smartphone producer suffered when it comes to sales. The Galaxy Note 7 issue made it harder for Samsung to sell more of their more premium phones in the market.

The recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t have a significant impact on Samsung’s sales according to experts because of the buzz about the next Apple smartphones. There is also another big competition for Samsung in the future. Chinese producers like Huawei, Oppo and Vivo are offering consumers with premium-looking and cheaper phones that seem to be a trend today.

While Oppo and Vivo saw a decline in their shares, Huawei’s 24.7% market share for Chinese smartphone industry will make all the other brands watch out for what this company has in store for everyone this year. Xiaomi and ZTE got the last spots with 8.1% and 7.8% shares in the market respectively.

The global production of smartphones dropped for the year’s first quarter at 23% than the fourth quarter of 2016. This fall in the smartphone industry is caused by the seasonality of sales. Smartphone companies are also expected to produce less because of the uninspiring sales that will continue up to the second half of 2017.

The smartphone industry is conquered by businesses that are great at providing everyone with the best quality of products. While Apple seemed to reign over the market previously, Samsung still managed to clinch the top spot this year because of their brilliant J series. Having Huawei in the top 3 means that Samsung will eventually have to compete with the affordability and premium design that Huawei has. Because of the close fight of producers in the industry, consumers are even more excited to see exciting products that’ll make the competition spicier for these companies.