Santorini Island in Greece is one of the best holiday hot spots. This island is full of attractions and activities that will make your vacation memorable. However, some of these treasures are hidden in some way, and it is important to have some insight on some of the things to do in Santorini for you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Below are some of the things to do on vacation in Santorini.

Have A Mud Bath at The Hot Springs.

Go over to the old port located in Fira and get a cable car that will transport you to the hot springs. When you arrive there, you will be allocated a boat, and once on the water, you can jump into it and have a rejuvenating swim in the amazing hot springs. Once in the springs you can dig up the warm mud and have it on your body for an amazing and rejuvenating feeling. Please be sure to use old swimmers and take off your jewelry when doing this.

Enjoy A Host of Veggies at Santorini’s Best.

Located on the Perissa beach, Tranquillo is arguably the best vegetarian eatery in Santorini. The food made there is simply fantastic. The vegan foods offered are of a wide variety, and the plant produces are fresh. Make a trip down there, and the food you will eat will linger in your memory for ages.

Enjoy The Sunset.

Santorini island is full of several sunset viewing spots. The most famous of these places is the Oia Castle. The views from over there is astonishing. When you head over to Fira, you can also get to enjoy an excellent view of the same. Firostefani and Skaros in Imerovigli also offer you more options when looking for sunset viewing points. All these viewpoints provide a different angle, and it is recommended that you try visiting several of them and compare the different views.

Check Out The Museums.

Santorini island has a long and rich history and visiting the museums will help you appreciate the heritage of the Isle. The Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the Archaeological Museum are the perfect places to enjoy this heritage. They are home to some of the most important findings obtained after several excavations made in different sections of the island. These findings stretch from the Archaic era all the way to the Roman era.

Live in A Cave House.

The architecture in Santorini Island is unique. Yposkafo, which is the local name for a cave house is a kind of house that was built by the poor people in the society to protect them from the heavy winds. In the modern day, architects have converted these cave houses into fabulous luxury resorts. Spending a night in one of these houses is an experience worth living for since its feel and smell are just unique and out of the normal.

The above things are just a few of the fantastic activities one can engage themselves in when visiting Santorini island in Greece. The island hosts several other attractions and exciting things, and you should make a point of considering the island when pondering on where to go on holiday.